Top 5 Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors

There are good reasons why Florida has grown in population more than any other state since 2010. The Sunshine State has it all—thousands of miles of coastline, beautiful weather, a booming economy and low taxes.

However, as any Floridian can confirm, that perfect, warm weather brings an unwelcome element as well: Tropical storms and hurricanes. Hurricane season is officially June 1 through November 30, and peak season is from mid-August through late October. Devastating storms Andrew (Aug. 24, 1992) and Wilma (October 24, 2005) both made landfall in South Florida during peak season. Choosing to protect your home with hurricane shutters or impact windows is one way to prepare for powerful storms. Although shutters are less expensive in the short run, impact windows can provide a variety of benefits that can’t be matched by shutters.


Impact Windows Are “Set It and Forget It”

Do you hate putting up and taking down those ugly hurricane shutters? We all have neighbors who’ve gotten so frustrated with the hassle putting up and removing shutters for every false alarm that they just leave up the shutters all hurricane season long (maybe it’s you). And what about if you don’t have shutters? Thousands of desperate Floridians have waited in line for plywood at hardware stores for hours, only to get turned away when the store runs out of supplies. Not exactly a situation that cultivates peace of mind.

Once impact windows and doors are installed, that part of your storm preparation is done—for as long as you live there. Only impact windows and doors provide continuous, independent protection from the moment they’re installed.

Peace and Quiet

As mentioned earlier, it seems like people are flocking to the Sunshine State as much as ever, both for tourism and to settle down permanently. The state’s population has swelled to nearly 22 million, and there’s no slowdown in sight. One effect of the constant growth? We have more crowding—and more noise—than ever. There are more highways carrying more vehicles, more homes being built closer together, and more neighbors mowing their lawns at 7 a.m. Plus, freight trains run all hours of the night; many otherwise “quiet” neighborhoods are within earshot of train tracks.

Impact windows measurably decrease the level of noise from the outside, whether it’s a barking dog or the sound of kids playing. Speaking of kids, what if you have a baby or young child? Having constant noise invading your home can affect your child’s sleep quality can make for some very tired, very overwhelmed parents. Installing impact windows is a way to guarantee the reduction of outside noise penetrating through your bedrooms.

Check the STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating when shopping for impact windows, as this will give you an idea of how much sound is blocked. Having airspace between panes is the key to helping a sound barrier. The closer the panes are to each other, the smaller the airspace and the more sound will pass through. Panes with varied thickness help block sound transmission.

Save on Your Energy Bill

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. During Florida’s hot, humid summers—which can last six months or longer in some areas—energy bills skyrocket. Installing impact windows not only reduces solar heat gain in summer and retains heat on cold winter nights, but it ensures that existing leaks and cracks in your old windows—which contribute to exorbitant energy bills— are a thing of the past.

Enhanced Security

Rickety old single-paned windows—especially those that are unlocked—are a burglar’s best friend. When thieves are scoping out homes to get a potential score, they’ll likely move right past one secured by impact windows and doors if your next-door-neighbor has old-fashioned windows. Even if these outdated windows are locked, skilled burglars can easily access them with a putty knife.

On the flip side, most impact windows consist of several layers of glass or other synthetic materials that make shattering and penetration difficult. While homeowners think mostly about how these reinforced layers of glass help protect against flying debris during a hurricane, they also provide a significant deterrent to burglars.

Looking Good, Feeling Good

If your windows are older than you are, then they might not be much to look at, even if the window style itself has aged well. Cracks, peeling paint, and a general worn-out appearance can make an otherwise beautiful house look outdated. Impact windows generally provide a clean, modern appearance that fits any home style. but they provide protection against strong and damaging winds. Plus, since impact windows eliminate the need for shutters, you can see outside during a hurricane. No

The same goes for doors. Your door is the first impression for guests (and for you), so unless you’re a big fan of The Addams Family, you probably don’t want an old, creaky door riddled with cracks and peeling paint.

Additionally, there are other benefits to installing impact windows and doors of course: UV protection and savings on your homeowner’s insurance, to name a couple.

Interested in Learning More?

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