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Do I need impact windows?
If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may need impact windows
Do you have trouble getting shutters or plywood up during storm warnings?
Do you have a 2 story house where you have to climb a ladder to put up shutters?
Are you ever out of town during hurricane season?
Could a thief break a glass window and get in your house?
Do you have trouble with the hardware or anchors when putting up shutters?
Do you want to save on insurance premiums and cooling costs?
Are you worried that you might get hurt trying to put up shutters in the wind and rain that often precedes a storm?
What are impact windows?
Impact windows are specifically designed to handle the wind loads and debris impact that you home is expected to experience during a hurricane or tornado.  The frames are reinforced, there is a layer of clear vinyl sandwiched with glass on both sides.  A special glazing adhesive is used to keep the edges of the glass in the frame.
Why should I replace old windows?
Older windows can make your house look dated, hurt the resale value, be less energy efficient, and offer no impact protection.